What's INLA?
Hey you! New Year's Eve is over; the last fireworks have been blasted. Did you think! Wrong! Since you have got the biggest one in your hand! The announcement to the 11th International Youth Camp, the INLA!!! What's the INLA? Plain thing: The INLA is more than a normal holiday in Hungary, Germany, Spain or Poland! No, it is a holiday camp in Hunmaninland.
Here you have got the possibility the get known to youths from all these nations, to experience an Hungarian, a German, a Polish and a Spanish day, to discuss about topics, to have fun.
In the INLA you will find out what is UNICUM, and how you drink out of a Poron rightly, you will find out what is the speciality of Poland, and how you sham best a racing car with four legs, how you can make yourself understood excellently without many words, but still with more gesture, even to discuss and the like.
This year we will go to Spain or rather in the Picos des Europas. We will live there in two big cabins for two weeks. The houses are situated in a big site where you can play football, volleyball, badminton, hide-and-seek (?). There is running water and an excellent view. You sleep in three bunk beds unter the roof. Following these two weeks we will spend some more days with our guest families in our twin town Olesa de Montserrat.